Covid Crisis? More Like Covid Opportunity.

There has never been a better time to be a freelance musician.

Ordinarily, we’re lumped into a categorisation of those who haven’t made it in the traditional system, or those who are aspiring to join an elite institution. We’re the mavericks that didn’t quite meet the standard of the bigger orchestras, managements, venues — or we’re the recent students who are in the awkward pubescent period as we wait to exit the chrysalis of uncertainty, emerging as beautiful, employable butterflies. In the hierarchy that is the traditional classical music industry, we are firmly at the bottom, ostensibly trying to work our way up (at least, according to this in the higher echelons above us).

LABYRINTH: Performance Exhibition, October 2020
LABYRINTH: Performance Exhibition, October 2020.



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1781 Collective

1781 Collective

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International collective of musicians and interdisciplinary artists. Why play along with their system, when we can just create our own?