A call for innovation, and to seize the opportunity in the midst of the shit-storm.

There has never been a better time to be a freelance musician.

Ordinarily, we’re lumped into a categorisation of those who haven’t made it in the traditional system, or those who are aspiring to join an elite institution. We’re the mavericks that didn’t quite meet the standard of the bigger orchestras, managements, venues — or we’re the recent students who are in the awkward pubescent period as we wait to exit the chrysalis of uncertainty, emerging as beautiful, employable butterflies. …

If you’re reading this post, it is because you have signed up to our mailing list or expressed an interest in our work. The following text was originally written to be sent out as an email body, but the sheer length seemed a bit excessive without the aid of nice formatting.

In the past few months we have been working on two threads simultaneously: Firstly, developing a community of like-minded creators and organisations; secondly, developing performance concepts that can act as an example for those wishing to think of new delivery methods in concert, including elements of something we’ve termed…

1781 Collective

International collective of musicians and interdisciplinary artists. Why play along with their system, when we can just create our own?

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