1781 Collective: The First Steps.

Crossmodalism: Photo, Chris Lloyd
Photo: Charles Michel
1781 Performance: Berlin, November 2018 for Q Berlin Questions
  1. Arrival time (between 20:00–20:25h, afterwards the door would be locked);
  2. Dress code (audience must wear exclusively white clothes or won’t be allowed entrance);
  3. If they RSVP’ed as attending, this would be insisted upon or else further invites would not be extended;
  4. The non-applause expectation.
1781 Launch Event: White Ritual. Photo by Anya Vero.
Invite Cards distributed to audience members post-performance



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1781 Collective

1781 Collective

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International collective of musicians and interdisciplinary artists. Why play along with their system, when we can just create our own?